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A new blog post at my new blog

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a new blog post over at my new blog here: Thoughts on Divination and the New Year Ever since setting up the Wolfenhowle Press a few years ago, it’s made sense to take my blog over there as well in order to keep everything […]

Spiritual Path, practical living…

People sometimes ask why I don’t just stick to writing about ‘witchy’ things. Why, they ask, do you keep writing about disability, welfare, politics and all that? I know it puts some off that I do. So I thought I would take some time to try and explain. You see, I don’t believe our spiritual […]

Welfare, GPs and Wickedness…

Firstly, I’d like to draw your attention to a news items: Before you just pass on over this, stop for a moment. Stop and think. Stop and imagine. Because behind all these headlines, lives of real people, people like you and me are in the balance. Are being crushed by ideological hatred of the […]

Sacred Shadows…

Writing my latest book, Sacred Shadows, has been mind blowing. It has shown me so many things that I only suspected were there. Once I really started looking, they came out from the shadows (hence the title!) And one of the greatest lessons is that money has been given importance it never deserved, and we […]

Paranoia and all that jazz…

Sometimes, even by my own standards, I feel I am getting a little paranoid. That’s not to say that I go chasing after all and every conspiracy theory because I don’t. But, perhaps more than some people, I get this uneasy feeling that all is not quite as it should be. That perhaps we should […]

Some new books out today!

Some of you may be surprised that I’ve just published three books of children’s fiction online as e-books. Actually, I’ve been writing children’s fiction for a long time, certainly ever since my own children were small and I used to make up adventures to entertain them. These three stories were originally written long, long ago, […]

A spooky tale for Halloween…..

I loved the garden the moment I first saw it. Overgrown, neglected, yet it had been loved once, and could be again. There were brambles as thick as my wrist everywhere, but underneath a few valiant plants struggled to emerge. In the first year we spent time putting the house straight. After all, you live […]

If the world ended tomorrow…

I shall try and keep this post relatively short. The end of the world in all its predicted forms is something of a pet peeve with me, ever since someone informed me that the world was going to end next Friday and she was very annoyed because she’d planned on going out that evening. I […]

What is wrong with BCUK…

Over the past year I have blogged less and less, it’s true. Yet look at my blog site and you will see that I’ve always loved blogging. What has changed? This site. You see, you might think that spamming doesn’t really matter. But it does. It is the cyberspace eqauivalent of a particularly aggressive type […]

Making a podcast

For anyone who missed last night’s radio show, The Magical World of Tylluan Penry, and the interview with David Rankine, it is now available as a podcast at: Putting broadcasts up as a podcast has been a steep learning curve for me. I quickly realised that not everyone can listen to a show at […]