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A few thoughts about luck…

Originally this post appeared on Facebook. It would be a pity though, to allow it to disappear into the long timeline with all the other stuff I add in there, I thought. After all, as you can see, this is more of a blog post really. So here goes… Today I give thanks for all […]

2016 The Year Ahead

  I have to admit that I am always a little wary of the new year. I suppose it’s cowardice really, a fear of what is to come. By that strain of thought, I ought to fear mornings (I don’t – I’m very much a ‘morning’ sort of person) or even weekends. Or the start […]

Witchfest International 2015

Back in the day, whenever I blogged about Witchfest, it was usually a day or two afterwards. Nowadays, it’s over a week later. I am shattered, no other word for it.   However, my health – or lack of it – apart, it really was a splendid Witchfest. I think it must have been one […]

Why don’t we sell used books for 1p?

Since we began selling pre-loved books and various other items on the miscellaneous section of the shop website, we have sometimes been asked why we don’t sell them for 1p? After all, some sellers on Amazon do this – just 1p for a book and (usually) £2.80 postage. So I would like to explain… Firstly, […]

Autumn season of spiders….

Facebook is creaking under the weight of so many oversized randy male spiders running around people’s houses just lately.  Here in Penry Land we had our own monster and heaven knows where he’s got to since I resisted the urge to attack him with a couple of bricks, but instead turned out the light and […]

Lions and all that…

The news this week has been full of the awful killing of Cecil the  Lion in ZImbabwe. And rightly so.  I mean the lion was protected, and there is something horrible about deliberately going after something that was never intended to be killed. That said, we are all responsible for killing on some scale every […]

I’d forgotten…

Birthdays are a good time to remember, so they say.  I certainly woke up this morning and mentally went backwards through a variety of happy returns, remembering them. Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget, but it only takes a small adjustment to make us remember again, and for me it’s been a bit like […]

Weather forecasts and the spiritual path

Wednesday. Today. ‘Hottest day of the year!’ the papers screamed in advance. Some went even further. ‘Wednesday will be the hottest day ever!’ Many newspapers offered advice on how to ‘survive’ and how to ‘stay alive’. And today? It’s about 19C (65F) in my garden. It’s cold, cloudy. And raining. So what’s my point? Well, […]

What is a garden?

Poets and writers – let alone gardeners! – have tried for centuries to describe their perfect garden.  It isn’t easy, but at least they’ve tried, and in the process created some wonderful, lyrical work.  Not so some would-be arbiters of taste, whose idea of the perfect garden seems to be gravel, more gravel, astro-turf and […]

Cornflakes, Doors and a Cap full of S***

How did your day begin?  Mine was not good.  Well, I’ve certainly known better.  At breakfast I cut my gum on a cornflake due to a combination of missing teeth and bad gums (caused by some of the meds I take).  And then, after breakfast, I managed to jam my fingers in the door.  Not […]