Magic on The Breath


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Magic on the Breath

By Tylluan Penry


This is a book for anyone who has ever wanted to cast a spell quickly, effectively and without fuss. It’s an invaluable magical resource that draws on Tylluan’s own experiences together with the ancient belief that all our power lies in our own breath.  Through a series of exercises, she guides the reader from simple work with plants, through creating thought forms, visualising, magical ethics and principles, magical harnessing, working with the Third Eye and even invisibility spells.

Tylluan is well known for her down-to-earth, common sense methods, and in this book she shows how even the most complex magical situations can be distilled down into a few simple guidelines.

Put simply, Magic on the Breath is probably the only magical technique you will ever need!

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Review of Magic on the Breath by KP, England

“Magic on the breath” is a brilliant book, which has effects reaching further than just magical practice. I found it to be informative and easy to read, taking an age old concept and making it easy to see how it relates to the everyday life of the modern witch. Would definitely recommend it! –


Review of Magic on the Breath by Moondust And Angels,

‘There is a reference in the Book of Genesis ‘neshemet ruach chayim’ or “the spirit of life within the breath”

In Tylluan Penrys book Magic On The Breath this spiritual phenomena is explored from a pagan witches point of view. I found this book a fascinating but down to earth, easy to follow in depth guide to creating and performing magic simply and effectively just by learning to use the breath.

This is a book that will be a wealth of practical advise and knowledge whether you are just starting out on a magical path or you are a more experienced practitioner.

In my opinion this book is an invaluable resource to anyone who is interested in breath work and you don’t necessarily have to be a practising witch!

Controlling the breath is of utmost importance in many different cultures and religious practises.

For example the Yogi masters have been teaching us that there is an inner breath, also known as prana, chi, energy or ki.

The inner breath they teach us IS our spirit which moves through us body and soul. I have many books on spell casting, paganism, and all manner of esoteric subjects which have all had a part to play in my spiritual life, however no book has opened my eyes in quite the same way as Magic On The Breath.

Using the breath for magic had not occurred to me before reading this book, but it makes perfect sense and I believe can help us to achieve a much deeper understanding of our spirituality and our own inner magical power.

The breathing techniques described in the book take practise and dedication, this book is one which you will return to time and again. Learning about how your breath works and how you can affect it and the energy that surrounds us will take time and effort but it will be worth every minute.

Tylluan includes no less than 15 chapters with the following subjects being just a sample, ranging from dealing with negativity, empowering your spells, working with the moon and the elements, thought forms, glamour magic and spring cleaning the mind.

Magic On the Breath is an excellent and knowledgable book that I heartily recommend.  I award this book a great big fat 5 stars! *****


Review by Rachel ‘Tansy’ Patterson, The Kitchen Witch,

“I have just finished reading Tylluan Penry’s book ‘Magic on the Breath’.

It was an interesting read, possibly aimed at those newer to the craft but also a useful read for those more experienced, with some really good exercises in.

The book is based on Tylluan’s years of experience and her belief that power comes from our own breath.  I hadn’t actually realised it but on reading her book I do use my breath a lot when I am working magic so it made perfect sense!

Tylluan has an open and honest way of talking about the craft which was very refreshing to read.

She covers a whole host of topics all based on casting spells, good sections on glamour magic, talismans & amulets, working with the moon, knot magic, the magic around us, lots of practical uses for magic on the breath and an excellent chapter on thought forms.

A very interesting read, lots of exercises to work with and a totally honest and refreshing view of working magic.” –



“A short review of “Magic on the Breath” by The Good Witch Quercus.


This book had been recommended to me at a local moot and as a self confessed hoarder of books on the magical craft and related subjects and also being a long toothed bookworm that was encouragement enough to buy a copy.

I did expect this to be a bit of a “beginners” book and possibly it was written with that sort of thought in mind, I am not sure.

However this book has surprised me, yes if you are new to the craft this will be an invaluable book for reference and development but it is much more than that. There are the inevitable instructions as in any good book on the ways of magic but somehow the sum total is more than the mere written words. I was wondering if saying it was like being in the presence of a wise or cunning one was over egging it, but on reflection I don’t think it is, there is something between the lines. I suspect over time this book will become a classic.

This book is packed full of metaphors and easily understood concepts that not only teach those new to the path but help lead those more experienced  to reflect on their magical practice.

One unexpected consequence for me has been that as I REALLY concentrated on the breath work I became more conscious of other feelings within my body.  Just last night when I preformed a solitary ritual for the Autumn Equinox, as I exhaled I could feel and almost see the tips of my fingers tingling.

Thank you Tylluan this book is destined to become well thumbed and multiply bookmarked.

I had better go buy “Seeking the Green” now!


Review of Magic on the Breath by Pamlock

Easy to read and packed full of useful information and tidbits, Magic on the breath is an easy and accessible guide to spell casting. Anyone can do it, there are no restrictions, no need for tools, magic done by simply breathing (ok and your intent does go a long way into spell casting).

This book teaches that magic can be done discreetly and at any given time. There are no need for tools so put that lovely new athame and gem encrusted wand down (yes tools are nice but you can’t really pull out an athame and do a spell whilst waiting for the number 22 bus).

What I love most about this book, and it is rare to see – this book informs the reader to help better themselves and clear up their own mental mundane rubbish tip. Using magic on the breath techniques, this book teaches the reader to believe in themselves, how to be more confidant, learning not to fear criticism dealing with our own negative programming. It is not purely a book of how to do spells and away you go, the author recognises that those who practice magic must learn to be responsible and get their own lives in shape before trying to help others.

So Magic on the Breath can teach you meditation, visualization, techniques for shielding and warding, the art of glamour, thoughtforms and how to wield magic responsibly, amongst many other things. Magic that is effective and kept simple.

Well worth a read and starting off at a bargain price – It’s lovely for the author to consider this too though I can’t help but feel that this book of such value is very underpriced.


Review of Magic on the Breath by mickeymcc1

A truly unique way to learn about yourself and the Magic available to You. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and how it has shown me that you can practice Magic on the breath easily and practice makes perfect.



Review from Witchcraft and Wicca Magazine No.21 Page 56

Magic  on the Breath by Tylluan Penry

There are a very large number of books available on solitary witchcraft, unfortunately few of them give the insight into the practical side of spell casting many readers are looking for.  This book is the latest in a series written by Tylluan Penry an experienced solitary with the rare gift of being able to explain her craft even to the least experienced reader.  The book focuses on ability to use your breath to simply create your own spells, using time honoured ancient techniques.

This book is not only for newcomers, Tylluan gives detailed instructions on how to awaken and easily use your innate abilities to perform magic. It includes extensive exercises, starting with simple plant work, through to the more complex creation of thought forms, improving your visiualisation skills, a discussion of magical ethics and principles, how to harness the power of magic, how to open and utilise your third eye and even includes invisibility spells.

Her experience in this field is unrivalled and the text included not only how-to techniques, but also extensive background of this form of magic.  For any solitary Witch that is struggling to successfully cast spells, or those that wish to extend their knowledge in this area, this is the only book you will need to buy.  Very highly recommended, a must by for all Solitaries.


Review from Hazel Hazy Purple  2014


Magic on the Breath, is a concise guide to real magic, its simple techniques allows everyone to enjoy and bring magic into the everyday aspects of your life. It’s easy enough for beginners but also brings valuable information to the more experienced reader. I really love this book and have read it several times and often refer to sections for inspiration and guidance.