Submission Guidelines for the Wolfenhowle Press


We are only considering non-fiction. However we may consider books of blessings etc although if you have written a book made up of spells it would be best to get in touch first.  In fact this applies to anything you are in doubt about – get in touch with us first.

All manuscripts should be submitted electronically to: Please write  ‘submission’ in the subject heading.

How much of what I’ve written should I submit?  

In the first instance, please only submit the first three chapters and a synopsis, rather than  the whole manuscript.  If we want to see the remaining chapters we will get in touch and ask to see them.   Submitting a book and getting it accepted can be a long process!

However we do strongly recommend that you finish your book, at least to the end of the first editing stage, before submitting it. If we are interested in seeing more chapters it is really helpful if you can send them to us fairly quickly rather than then have to wait months until you finish the entire book! In our experience, books often change as we write them and this is why we ask you to write the book first. However on rare occasions we understand that authors may want to see whether what they are hoping to produce would be acceptable. If this applies to you then please by all means get in touch and explain what it is that you are intending to write. We can then tell you whether it is likely to suit our list.

Please submit the three chapters in one single document and not as three separate chapters (It’s easier for us!)

Please ensure from the outset that you have the rights to images, maps, charts etc., that you’re intending to use.  If in doubt, please get in touch and we may be able to advise.

  • Your title page should contain:
  • Your real name (plus your pseudonym if you are using one)
  • Your address, phone number and email address
  • The title of the work and the approximate length

How long should my book be?

We aim to bring all our books in at around 200 pages. This includes any appendix, index or bibliography.  (it works out at around 63,000 words – we have a little leeway though because we can juggle the layout of the chapters.) We can consider shorter books, but longer than 250 pages are more difficult so please bear this in mind.  Again, please get in touch if you have any queries!

What sort of layout, font etc should I use for my submission?

We strongly recommend prospective authors to submit their work in the A5 format, using Book Antiqua Font at 10 point size.  The margins of our finished books are usually 1.8 cm for left, right, top and bottom.  If you work in this size from the beginning, it helps you organise your chapters, and also enables us to see what the finished layout will be like.  The clearer your copy, the easier it is for us to assess it.

Please use just ordinary single spacing with two lines between the paragraphs and no paragraph indent. 

Which language do I use?

Please set the document language to UK English unless you live in America, in which case we will accept US English in the text.

What about references?

Please ensure that you reference where appropriate using the Harvard system of surname, date, and page number in brackets.  And then put this in a Bibliography at the back.  (If you only mention one or two books, don’t worry about a Bibliography, just write it in the text). If you’re not sure about something, please take time to check!   Try and avoid large blocks of quotations if you can – if in doubt, get in touch.  

Can I also send my manuscript elsewhere?

Of course.  We know a lot of publishers don’t like this practice, but it’s your manuscript after all!  But please let us know if you have sent out your manuscript somewhere else.  And obviously if you get accepted by them before you hear back from us, please just let us know. (And well done!) 

What sort of books do you publish?

We are aiming to eventually publish a wide range of interesting books on varying aspects of spirituality, paganism, magic practice, ritual etc., provided they are not simply preaching at readers.  We are not trying to convert anybody to anything!  If you have something a little unusual to say on a subject, that’s always a bonus.  

The most important thing is that you should feel passionately about your subject and you should impart that to your readers. 

Won’t the editor sort my manuscript out for me?

Editors simply don’t have the time to re-write books. We do our best to help but it’s up to you to get the spelling and grammar right.  If we like your work we will keep making suggestions, but it’s up to you to take these on board and work on your manuscript.  It’s not unusual to have to do a dozen rewrites before your manuscript is accepted.

Also please don’t use ‘text speak’ because the Editor will probably blow a fuse and start chewing the carpet. Your best chance of getting published (with anyone, not just Wolfenhowle) is to take time and take care. When in doubt check and double check!  There are plenty of ‘correct grammar’ sites on the internet, or you could even ask a friend to check it for you.  

By the time you send your manuscript to Wolfenhowle, you should have done your best to complete the whole thing and to polish those first three chapters.  Make them as good as you can.  It’s often a good idea when you edit your own manuscript (and editing basically means you go through the original several times to get everything just right) to put it away for a week or two and then return to it fresh.  

The author Stephen King once gave a great piece of advice.  He said, ‘Write with the door shut, but edit with the door open.’  What he meant was that you need to be alone to write initially.  But when it comes to editing and pulling it all together, it’s a great help to get another opinion.  Do that before sending it off!   (If you really don’t have anyone to ask, then try reading it aloud to yourself and listening to how it sounds.)

What about the synopsis?

The synopsis doesn’t have to be very long – a page or two will do.  But it has to tell us what the rest of the manuscript contains and where it’s going.  This helps us decide whether it is going to fit into our list.

Marketing your book

It is always helpful if you can market your book in some way since books do not go out and sell themselves. Wolfenhowle is a very small publishing house.  We don’t have an advertising budget to speak of and rely on authors going out, giving talks and generally getting themselves known in order to help sell their books.  Write for magazines (online and printed), write a blog, give talks at festivals, even try and get people in your particular field of interest to write a forward, review, endorsement or commendation… it all helps the book to sell if it’s accepted! 

Oh.. and just to add… if we like your book and decide to publish it then we do NOT ask you to pay anything.

Finally… if you have any queries, please email us at