Knot Magic

Knot Magic

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If you have ever wanted to cast spells using traditional methods such as Knot Magic, then this is the book for you. It may seem hard to imagine nowadays, but there was a time when Knot Magic or ligatura was one of the most feared types of magic across the whole of western Europe.


Apart from explaining how this type of magic works, Tylluan sets out, very simply, using step by step methods, how to cast this type of spell ourselves.  It also gives a great deal of background information about traditional – and sometimes unusual – forms of Knot Magic.  As usual her book is well referenced and has a full bibliography.

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Review by The Good Witch Quercus

If you are looking for a book on how to tie knots this is probably not the book for you and you need to go and join the Scouts or Guides . If you are wanting to bring knots, threads, strings, beads, colour and a whole lot more into your magic and be challenged about why you are doing it then this is definitely the book.

All of Tylluan’s previous books are easy to read, down to earth and this latest edition is no exception. There is always well researched historical context which enlivens the whole book. I read it cover to cover in two days.

Tylluan’s writing appeals to me because she doesn’t write “how to do it” books. This book starts by challenging your thinking about why you might want to do any magic in the first place. It challenges your ethics and gets you thinking about why you might want to conduct a spell. It then further gets you to think about what the consequences both intentional and unintentional might be. Although it IS about knot magic this book is also threaded throughout with magical practice in its broadest sense, how do we construct a spell, what next, when, where, how and all in that wonderful style of not quite telling us but getting us to think it through for ourselves

This is the first book I have seen where colour has not been given a definitive list, red is for lust, passion, yellow for spring etc. but thought has been given to what each colour may mean in differing contexts, situations, history, geography, myths, legions and superstations so that sometimes they may well be contradictory uses. Tylluan goes on to think about how we each might find the meaning that is relevant to us in the use of coloured rope string or thread what tying the knot might mean and then when we might want to untie it, can we?

The types of cord, using beads, nets, even knitting and crochet, then ritual, use of fire and its place in these spells, what do we say or do we say anything at all and then what do we do after and much more is discussed. There is so much in this little treasure of a book, I am sure that even if I never ever tie a magical knot again that my spells and magical work has already been enhanced simply by the challenges to my thinking whilst reading this book. It will take pride of place on my bookshelves for many years to come.