Staying on The Old Track


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Staying on the Old Track

By Tylluan Penry


Have you ever felt your spiritual path has come to a halt?  Or wished you could re-ignite your initial enthusiasm and interest?  Or even wished you had a friend to confide in and ask for advice? If so, then Staying on the Old Track is the book for you.

With her wealth of knowledge, experience and down-to-earth approach, Tylluan takes you through the most common problems you are likely to encounter, and offers a range of imaginative and effective solutions.  On the way you will rub shoulders with famous minds such as Thoreau, Kant, Socrates, Mark Twain and Ficino, in an invigorating ride through history, philosophy, spirituality and magic!

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A little review’ by The Good Witch Quercus

Dependent on your outlook and belief system I got this book by accident, luck, fate, destiny or divine intervention. Anyway it was not the book I ordered and paid for, but it was the book that came through the post. Having established that it did now indeed belong to me I began to read it anyway. THANK YOU Tylluan

Now I need to explain I don’t borrow books, because, and some folk will think I am a huge sinner, I write all over books, and the more I find of interest the more notes and underlinings there will be. My copy of Staying on the Old Track has been read twice in less than two weeks and is absolutely full of penciled margin notes, underlinings, Post-it notes and there is even a half written poem inside the back cover, I must finish that soon!

This book is a wonderful spiritual kick up the bum.  It has revitalised my thinking, practice and ritual. I don’t believe I had strayed from the “old track” but I had got a bit stuck in my ways, maybe a bit complacent, sat down next to the track and nodded off for a while. Well this book just woke me and having had a rest, had some nourishment and maybe the kick I needed I have started to go a little further along the Old Track, I wonder who I shall meet next?

A wonderful readable journey of a book.


Staying On The Old Track Review By Juan Antonio Pinal

This is the first book by Tylluan Penry that I have ever read, and to say that I was glad to have read it, would be a great understatement.

I had purchased this book knowing that someday I may need it, and I am so happy that I did.

Having read many books on the craft, I can safely say that I have never come across such a unique book, there really is no other like it.

Many people who have studied the craft for some time know that there is an abundance of books available for those who wish to start on their magical path. This is a wonderful thing, however, after some time, where does one go when they feel that they have a good understanding of what these books teach, and feel they have hit a wall? Some may seek out further training, through a coven, or apprenticeship. Some may give up altogether, feeling as though the spark of magic has gone.

If you have ever experienced any of these feelings, then this book is one to read!

I believe “Staying on the old track” is a book that every magical practitioner should have on their bookshelf. The wisdom that Tylluan so generously shares, helps us discover that there is an infinite amount of opportunities to expand, and enjoy our spirituality. This book helps to reclaim the wonder we once had of the inner and outer magical worlds. Tylluan helps us see that our path is not simply a straight forward line, but a multi layered journey full of colour, song and magical wonder!

Reading this book conjures up images of sitting by a country cottage hearth, with a wise friend, chatting over a cup of tea. This book is clear and straight to the point, there really is no pretentious waffle whatsoever. With her beautiful style of writing, it’s as if she is there with you guiding you on your way. Tylluan has managed to cram in so much information, exercises and advice that makes this book unbelievably great value for money, I have since bought another as a gift for a friend.

All in all, I can’t praise this book enough, but I know that it is one that has helped me tremendously, and I will be sure to treasure it forever.


Review of Staying on the Old Track by MW, France

‘Staying on the Old Track’ was an inspirational read – once more I really appreciate Tylluan’s down-to-earth advices and am planning on using some of these in my own walk.