A Little Book of Inspirations

A Little Book of Inspirations

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This is not a book of spells, rather it is a book of my reflective writing, drawn from the past fifteen years. But what is reflective writing? And why make a book of it?

Reflective writing – for me, at any rate – is the prelude to most of my magical work. Whenever I have to think about a spell, what it means, and why (or even if) it’s needed, I will often spend time writing down my thoughts. These then need to be distilled into a handful of words or a single sentence if I intend to cast a spell.


It can be quite a long journey towards that single sentence, however, and on the way I spend time with my thoughts and reflections. Most of these I write down at some point, so I suppose I could say that reflective writing, my ‘inspirations’ are a by-product of magic, but not the actual spells I eventually cast. However it is – I hope – a pleasant by-product, and I hope the thoughts help inspire you just as they have in the past inspired me.

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