Some of you may be surprised that I’ve just published three books of children’s fiction online as e-books. Actually, I’ve been writing children’s fiction for a long time, certainly ever since my own children were small and I used to make up adventures to entertain them. These three stories were originally written long, long ago, and then updated to take into account things like mobile phones and laptops. But essentially the stories are just the same.

Although I wrote them as children’s stories, in a way that’s a misnomer. Children like stories. These are stories I hope they will like. I haven’t intended to make them childish or simple. (And if I have, then I apologise!)
Fiction serves many purposes. To entertain, naturally. But it also allows the reader to safely explore issues that in the real world would be frightening or disturbing. They know – because it’s a book – that they aren’t going to be hurt, and no matter what happens to the characters it’s only temporary. So in that sense, storytelling is cathartic. It serves as a release.

It’s also a form of escapism. Through the pages of a story, we can have adventures, friends, find love or whatever. All important things in our everyday life and often unfulfilled. But in a story we can win the lottery, rob a bank, climb a mountain, find our long lost relatives… the possibilities are endless.

Anyway, this is the link for the books.
You’ll see I’ve written them as T.P.Penry and not as Tylluan in order to distinguish them from my other writing. If you click on the covers you can read the first chapter or two for free – rather like browsing in a bookshop.

Hope you enjoy them!