People sometimes ask why I don’t just stick to writing about ‘witchy’ things. Why, they ask, do you keep writing about disability, welfare, politics and all that? I know it puts some off that I do. So I thought I would take some time to try and explain.

You see, I don’t believe our spiritual path is just something we do. It’s what we are. It’s how we live. It runs right through us like the letters in an old fashioned stick of rock. Yes, I could spend all day writing about the best way of casting a circle, or whether one should approach certain gods with the right or left foot first (yes, really!) but that’s only a tiny part of the story.

A big part of my path is compassion. You know the saying: there is knowledge, and there is wisdom. And the difference between them is compassion.

Well, that’s me. I have never been a political animal. I have never joined any political party. It wouldn’t matter who was in power, if I think they’re wrong, that they’re picking on the weak and helpless, then I’ll be there, shouting it from the rooftops.

It’s not a political thing. Get that? I’ve got no agenda. I hate any party that persecutes the weak, especially when they give so much leeway to the already rich and powerful.

I cannot walk my path any other way. I don’t know how. Maybe some people can do it. Maybe some can just concentrate on ‘The Craft’ and nothing else. But I can’t. My spirituality is bound up with how I see life, how I’ve lived my life. And to me, I cannot simply walk on by.

You know, all my life since I was a child, people have called me a rebel. But then I met Mr Penry and he said, ‘No, you’re not a rebel. You just hate injustice.’

And he was right. I do hate injustice. Sometimes I feel I could burst at all the injustices I see around me. Worst of all are the casual injustices, caused when people simply look the other way. Because if we let enough pass us by, then the real sadists will step in and take over.

So – love me or loathe me – I am what I am.

And I hope for anyone reading this, that you can say the same about yourself.