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What is wrong with BCUK…

Over the past year I have blogged less and less, it’s true. Yet look at my blog site and you will see that I’ve always loved blogging. What has changed? This site.

You see, you might think that spamming doesn’t really matter. But it does. It is the cyberspace eqauivalent of a particularly aggressive type of cancer, in that it fills everything up and stops it from working properly.

Everything slows down. To try to get to page two of my list of friends’ blogs today it took FOUR MINUTES TO LOAD!! That is just unacceptable. I have a good connection, no problems with any other sites, just this one. And it is driving me away. In the past couple of months I’ve hardly blogged at all, it’s too much hassle.

So if the owners of BCUK want to just sit back and do nothing – okay. Where do they think it will all go then? Because I used – several years ago – to be a pro blogger, but I don’t do that any more. There’s no point. And if enough people feel as I do, there’ll be no revenue from that, either.

I don’t want to blog here as often as I did… so even the bloody adverts that are papered inappropriately all over the place will go unread. And advertisers aren’t going to pay you know, if people don’t bother reading their ads.

And if I don’t blog and others stop too, then the wretched spammers are going to be at a loss too, aren’t they?

If you own a site, at least take an interest in it. Don’t just sit there and throw up your hands when people start protesting.

To the owners of BCUK – I am assuming you are human beings, the result of millions of years of evolution….

Bloody well act like it.