Originally this post appeared on Facebook. It would be a pity though, to allow it to disappear into the long timeline with all the other stuff I add in there, I thought. After all, as you can see, this is more of a blog post really. So here goes…

Today I give thanks for all the luck in my life. I don’t need a special festival or moonphase in order to do that. I AM lucky. I was born into a family that was comfortable – mad as hatters of course – but my father was always in work, even though he often travelled many miles on buses and trains and gained an ulcer as a result.

He saw something in me very early on, I think. He used to come home with reference books when I was about eight. Roget’s Thesaurus was one, a good dictionary was another. He bought me a German phrasebook for Christmas one year when I was about eight. He made toffee and fudge and tried to teach me chemistry in whatever spare time he had – which wasn’t much.

I did very well at school, got a scholarship and then loathed my high school with an unexpected passion. I would still like to bulldoze the place given half a chance. But… I was lucky because it taught me many important truths while I was there. I learned how the elite rule, how they network, and to some extent how they view the rest of the world.

I also learned to be a survivor. I learned that often the best way to deal with things is to get in so close that your oppressor thinks you can’t possibly be defying them. I wouldn’t recommend it as a way of life – I don’t think the constant adrenalin and being in a fight or flight mode for 95% of the time did me a lot of good, but I kept on dreaming nonetheless.

Dreams got me through. Dreams made me strong. ‘Stop day dreaming’ people would tell me, but it was the dreams that strengthened my will. I never lost my dreams. Sometimes they were stored away, but they always came back because I needed them so much.

So why am I lucky? Because somehow, through all the chaos and emotional abuse I suffered in childhood, I kept on dreaming. I didn’t want to be defined by other people. I learned the importance of love, (and believe me when people speak of true love they often don’t understand what it really means) and somehow I found all the treasures I sought since childhood.

I never became a ballerina or a concert pianist admittedly, but those were joys that opened my eyes to beauty nonetheless. I did become an author – I often say I was born reading and writing and have never stopped since. I published books too – another dream of mine.

I found the love of many lifetimes again, Mr Penry. I think sometimes people think that love is easy. That if he and I can find it then anybody can. It doesn’t work that way though. We were really lucky, really blessed. And we work had at making it work.

So yes, I’ve been incredibly lucky. And I hope you will be too. And if you are – then remember to be thankful for it.