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Why you won’t find books published by The Wolfenhowle Press in your local bookshop

When I started The Wolfenhowle Press, it was my dream to make beautiful books that were as accurate as possible and above all, affordable. You see, I’ve been in the position of standing in a bookshop and wishing I could buy a book I really, really wanted – but couldn’t quite afford.


So when I decided to set up my own publishing company, affordability was top of my list. Now of course, there is a big difference between being affordable and being free. And that presents us with two choices:


  1. We can give our books away from time to time, but raise the price inbetween to try and cover some of our losses. This means that people who pay full price are subsidising those who pay nothing. Plus of course people won’t buy from us if they think that one day we might give a book away. It becomes a waiting game.


  1. We can drop our prices so that everyone gets a bargain, but nobody gets the book for free. And we offered all readers the chance to read the first chapter for free by clicking on the cover on our webpage and reading it there. We were also one of the first indie publishers to realise that if we don’t have to pay for printing etc., then we could drop the price of Kindle downloads right down. Again a bargain for the readers – but not free.


We also had to decide very early on whether we would sell solely online, or supply bookshops. Again it was a question of cost. Each book pays for the next to be printed. So if a book doesn’t make enough profit – and we haven’t had that happen to us yet! – then it affects the publishing of the next book.


By setting our prices low for everyone, we just couldn’t afford to supply the bookshops. They weren’t putting in big orders to make it worthwhile, just needing the sort of discount that took away any profit we could make. And they needed a discount – a large one – from us. After all, they have their overheads to pay too.


So we chose to go online only. To publish paperbacks sold either directly at festivals and events, or from our website, charging no more (and sometimes less) than the Royal Mail charges us for postage, and to use recycled packaging whenever possible in order to keep the costs low.


Why don’t we offer free postage? Simple. There is no such thing. If we offered free postage we would have to increase the book’s price in order to cover it. And if we did that, then people who buy directly from us at events such as Witchfest International would be subsidising people who bought online. This way, everyone pays the same for our books.


A lot of thought went into setting up The Wolfenhowle Press. We driven by our three goals:


  1. Affordable Books
  2. Informative Books
  3. Beautiful Books


We really hope you enjoy reading our books…