Since we began selling pre-loved books and various other items on the miscellaneous section of the shop website, we have sometimes been asked why we don’t sell them for 1p? After all, some sellers on Amazon do this – just 1p for a book and (usually) £2.80 postage. So I would like to explain…

Firstly, when we sell a pre-loved book, we put up a photo (sometimes several). And that is the exact book you will be buying. We highlight any creases, damage etc., we don’t just tell you, we show you. That way you have a better idea what you are getting.

Secondly, we charge the customer what the post office charges us to send it to you. If we can send you a book for £1.65 or a booklet for 63p, then that’s what we charge you.   1p plus £2.80 postage sounds great, but it’s not so good if the postage was only £1.65.

Thirdly, we do our best to combine the postage whenever we can. This means that if you order more than one book, painting or item (and it can be a combination of all three) in a single order, then we do our best to get you the cheapest possible price. You can buy quite a few books for £2.80! Elsewhere though, you are often charged postage per book, which isn’t always such a great deal.

And finally, if we do find that the postage is cheaper than we thought it would be, then we refund the difference.

With The Wolfenhowle Press, we do our best to serve our customers and readers.