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Witchfest International 2015

Back in the day, whenever I blogged about Witchfest, it was usually a day or two afterwards. Nowadays, it’s over a week later. I am shattered, no other word for it.   However, my health – or lack of it – apart, it really was a splendid Witchfest. I think it must have been one […]

Returning from Witchfest International 2013

Attending Witchfest International is the highlight of my year as an author, but it always presents two huge questions: 1.  Will people enjoy my talks etc.? 2.  What will Mr Penry get up to while I am away? I am only too aware that for many of you, it is the answer to the second […]

Back from Witchfest International 2013

Well, I am back from the Witchfest at Fairfield Halls in Croydon.  And what an event it was!  You know one of the things I regret is that I cannot be in several places at once, but I had so many talks that I couldn’t get to hear anyone else.  Such a pity. Anyway, a […]

What has Tylluan been up to???

I was going to say that things have been quiet in blogland lately. Actually what I mean is that I haven’t been around much, and for that I do apologise. It’s just that with launching the Wolfenhowle Press and getting my radio show off the ground, it’s all been pretty hectic. My fourth book, Magic […]

The internet and psychic attacks

Here is a little more from the first talk I gave at Witchfest international. It seems as though I have been blogging about psychic attacks for some time now and people are often surprised when they realise how much material I include in my talks. In fact each one is over five thousand words – […]

Psychic Self Defence Part 3 (Talk from Witchfest International)

Although I am continuing to post up here with extracts from my talks, I am also going to try and address a few of the questions that have been raised in the comments during the course of the next blog post after this. The things about psychic self defence is that we need to be […]

The Witchfest Blessing

Blessing a space before you start a new enterprise – or open a Witchfest for that matter – is very important. Rather like moving into a new flat, you have to clean it first before you feel it’s really yours. And at a large venue like Fairfield Halls, you have so many people coming and […]

Witchfest International 2010

Well, I got back from the Witchfest last night, exhausted but happy. It’s a great event, and I met some old friends and made new ones too. Over the next few weeks I am going to post up extracts from my talks and the blessing ceremony here for you. It often surprises me how much […]

Witchfest Interational nearly here…..

Sorry I’ve not been around blogging much lately but it’s been hectic chez Penry. Mr Penry is making a good recovery, the book is on track with the publishers, and I am sorting out my talks etc., for the Witchfest in Croydon in November. I’ll be conducting the opening blessing, giving a couple of talks, […]

Witchfest International 2009, Protective Plants Workshop Part 2

It’s a basic magical rule that all strong smelling plants are anti-demonic. This is probably because one of the first signs of psychic attack is the presence of unpleasant smells. And you need to counter one strong smell with another strong smell. I took Rosemary along to hand out at the Workshop – but you […]