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Autumn season of spiders….

Facebook is creaking under the weight of so many oversized randy male spiders running around people’s houses just lately.  Here in Penry Land we had our own monster and heaven knows where he’s got to since I resisted the urge to attack him with a couple of bricks, but instead turned out the light and […]

A tribute to a special boy… Benny RIP

Regular readers of my blog will know that I sometimes post about my dogs, Barney, Benny and Homer. Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, our darling Benny passed over into the Summerlands. He’d seemed ‘not himself’ on January 1st, but not actually ill. But we phoned the emergency veterinary service and they were sending an ambulance to take […]

Mud, Mud, glorious mud…..

One thing you never seem to see in films featuring St Bernards is the sheer amount of mess they can make! Today it’s raining heavily, I am trying to keep the dogs indoors (with the run of the back yard, which isn’t a bad size) but away from mud, leaves etc., for the sake of […]

Inviting a St Bernard to a birthday party….

This is what you get when you invite a St Bernard to a Birthday Party…. This is Barney, the soulful one. We think he may be singing Penblwydd Hapus (Happy Birthday) It can be very intimidating!

Yet Another of my Dogs

This is Florence, who at nine years of age is a venerable St Bernard. She likes to be known as The Dowager Duchess Florence. We had her as a rescue at eight months old – she had been badly treated and was considered out of control. If the truth be known she was just considerably […]