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Weather forecasts and the spiritual path

Wednesday. Today. ‘Hottest day of the year!’ the papers screamed in advance. Some went even further. ‘Wednesday will be the hottest day ever!’ Many newspapers offered advice on how to ‘survive’ and how to ‘stay alive’. And today? It’s about 19C (65F) in my garden. It’s cold, cloudy. And raining. So what’s my point? Well, […]

Remembering how to live…

I came across a really interesting quote by someone called Annie Dillard the other day. ‘I would like to learn, or remember, how to live.’ Oh I know that feeling! It’s so easy to let everyday things get in the way of who or what we feel we are, deep down. Does anyone ever get […]

Kindness Friday

Just lately, my emails have been full of ‘Black Friday.’  At first I thought it was a disaster of some sort.  I mean, with a name like that, what else am I supposed to think?  And – once I understood it was a day of ‘Sales’ that comes straight after a day of Thanksgiving on […]

Personal Seasons

Just as the year moves in seasons, so our lives seem to move in cycles and tides. Sometimes we find ourselves passionately interested in something, then leave that and move on to something else, only to return to the original interest a few years later. It’s a lot like that with paganism (and probably other […]

Paganism and the spiritual path

Religion is a funny old thing. Nobody wants to admit to having it. Instead many people, of all religious creeds, claim that theirs is a spiritual path. Is there any real difference? I’m not sure. I suspect there is, seeing that so many people seem to want to disassociate themselves with religion. What is it […]