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When Books Become Reality…

My most recent book, published at the end of last year was entitled ‘Sacred Shadows – Ice Age Spirituality.’  I became aware even as I was researching it that this was no ordinary book.  It seemed to seep into my bones, affecting not only  the way I viewed the world around me, but even the […]

Sacred Shadows… what it means to me

  When I first started researching and writing my most recent book, Sacred Shadows, I suspected it would be life altering to some extent, because my books always enter into my life.  That’s just what they do.  I care passionately about whatever I am writing about – otherwise, let’s face it, I wouldn’t bother, would […]

Sacred Shadows…

Writing my latest book, Sacred Shadows, has been mind blowing. It has shown me so many things that I only suspected were there. Once I really started looking, they came out from the shadows (hence the title!) And one of the greatest lessons is that money has been given importance it never deserved, and we […]