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Making a podcast

For anyone who missed last night’s radio show, The Magical World of Tylluan Penry, and the interview with David Rankine, it is now available as a podcast at: Putting broadcasts up as a podcast has been a steep learning curve for me. I quickly realised that not everyone can listen to a show at […]

Radio Show this evening….

Being the busy girl (!??) I am, I have also recorded a radio show, in which I interview the well known author, researcher and Kabbalist, David Rankine. If you want to catch up with it, it’s going out at 10pm British Summer time tonight, on internet radio, If you aren’t able to listen at that […]

Magic on the Breath

I know I’ve not been around much on BCUK recently, but part of the reason has been the sheer pressure of writing. The thing about writing is that it is very time consuming – researching, writing, editing, it all takes time. My most recent book : has been out since the end of October […]