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2016 The Year Ahead

  I have to admit that I am always a little wary of the new year. I suppose it’s cowardice really, a fear of what is to come. By that strain of thought, I ought to fear mornings (I don’t – I’m very much a ‘morning’ sort of person) or even weekends. Or the start […]

Thoughts on Divination and the New Year

  Well, here I am tucked away in my dark little study behind an old fashioned desk so large it might serve me as a coffin one of these days.  And ever since the new year, outside the elements have been raging, only I can’t see much beyond the high hedge that surrounds us, apart […]

the best laid plans and all that jazz…

There I was in my last post – last year! – prattling on about new Year’s resolutions and Baileys and mince pies…. and then Mother Nature very rightly took a hand and taught me a lesson. I had a very nasty bout of gastric flu. Lost half a stone, my dignity and much of my […]

Happy New Year… and the cleansing tide

When our parents and grandparents began wanting to spring clean their homes it wasn’t just because they were houseproud. It was also because they were responding to a deep ‘tide’ in the rhythm of the seasons. At this time of year, just after the winter solstice, we enter a period of cleansing, the Cleansing Tide. […]

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post to thank everything who reads this blog, who drops by and comments, not to mention all my long suffering blog friends – A Very Happy and Successful New Year! I have been very tardy in replying to comments…. it’s too cold to even type much at the moment, and I can […]

Not washing on New Years’ Day

Years ago there was a popular superstition that you shouldn’t wash on New Year’s Day ‘or you wash your family/friends away.’ Hmm. I can’t say I ever remember my family taking much notice of it, but I did not some people who took it very seriously indeed. However in the Penry household there is fat […]

An Old New Year Tradition…..

You don’t have to be a Pagan in order to enjoy this one, although I strongly suspect it’s a Pagan ‘left over’ from earlier times. Women seeking to find out who they were going to marry would go out at the first new moon of the New Year and stand with their feet on a […]