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What is a garden?

Poets and writers – let alone gardeners! – have tried for centuries to describe their perfect garden.  It isn’t easy, but at least they’ve tried, and in the process created some wonderful, lyrical work.  Not so some would-be arbiters of taste, whose idea of the perfect garden seems to be gravel, more gravel, astro-turf and […]

Some thoughts on the Eclipse…

  I was really excited about the eclipse today. I wasn’t expecting anything spectacular and I certainly wasn’t going to risk looking at the sun (since I don’t have any suitable glass to hand and if I fill a bucket of water than Noah usually sticks his head in it and drinks it) so I […]

Magical Journeying – Part 2

As you begin looking – really looking – at the world around you, you realise that there is a lot going on that might pass you by. Sometimes nature seems to be putting on a show especially for you. Recognising and learning from these signs isn’t really all that difficult. Part of the problem is […]

Gardening with Nature Spirits

Today looks like being reasonable weather. Not really sunny, not really warm, but reasonable. I’m happy to settle for that. It’s time to get out into the garden with the secateurs and gardening gloves. I’ve got bluebells, croci, daffodils etc. to plant. And things to cut down. Normally I am not a great one for […]