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Witchfest International 2015

Back in the day, whenever I blogged about Witchfest, it was usually a day or two afterwards. Nowadays, it’s over a week later. I am shattered, no other word for it.   However, my health – or lack of it – apart, it really was a splendid Witchfest. I think it must have been one […]

Mr Penry and the Flying Pig…

In all the years we’ve known each other, I have to say that DIY has never been Mr Penry’s strong point. It’s not that he doesn’t like wielding a hammer or chisel, just that he never believes he actually needs to. Sometimes I can prevail upon him to knock a nail in just so I […]

When Books Become Reality…

My most recent book, published at the end of last year was entitled ‘Sacred Shadows – Ice Age Spirituality.’  I became aware even as I was researching it that this was no ordinary book.  It seemed to seep into my bones, affecting not only  the way I viewed the world around me, but even the […]

The distractions when I want to write…

  My books never just write themselves.  They absorb many hours not only of actually writing but also of research and editing.  And of course while I’m doing this, my everyday life has to continue as well.  So – where do I write?  I think (from some of the queries I’ve had) that a lot […]

A few thoughts from Mr Penry…

At the moment our street looks like a battlefield.  Living on the side of a Welsh mountain, we rely on culverts to carry water down from the mountain streams to the river in the valley down below.  All this is very poetical until something goes wrong.  Which is did, a few weeks ago, when the […]

Returning from Witchfest International 2013

Attending Witchfest International is the highlight of my year as an author, but it always presents two huge questions: 1.  Will people enjoy my talks etc.? 2.  What will Mr Penry get up to while I am away? I am only too aware that for many of you, it is the answer to the second […]

Mr Penry buys a herb dryer….

I thought it was a fairly simple request. This year the herbs in the garden have been quite wonderful, and since some of them will die right back soon when the frosts begin, I thought it would be a good idea to pick some bunches for drying. Mr Penry gallantly offered to go and get […]

Santa Claus is coming to town….

An odd topic for this time of year, you might think. But the other day someone kicked a football into our garden. It was a group of young children, all very polite, and I let them come in and retrive it. As they were leaving, one lad turned and asked, ‘Does your husband have a […]

Mr Penry and the Insurance salesperson

The phone doesn’t ring all that often in the Penry household. Partly that is because our phone-line often seems to suffer ‘outtage’ which is tech-speak for ‘we haven’t a clue but you’re not alone.’ Partly this is because we live a very quiet life. So when the phone does ring, I get quite excited about. […]

Mr Penry’s Yule Plans…..

As regular readers of this blog may recall, Mr Penry is something of a pyromaniac. Give him a box of matches and a couple of pieces of straw and he can get a bonfire going in a force 10 Gale. For this reason he has always enjoyed Yule… lighting bonfires in his very own little […]