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A few thoughts about luck…

Originally this post appeared on Facebook. It would be a pity though, to allow it to disappear into the long timeline with all the other stuff I add in there, I thought. After all, as you can see, this is more of a blog post really. So here goes… Today I give thanks for all […]

Tuesday morning….

I am sitting here with what is probably the largest mug I have ever seen, filled with hot honey and lemon and trying hard not to cough because it hurts so much…. Sorry I’ve not been around or replied to comments, I do read them and I very much appreciate them all. It’s just that […]

Tylluan’s New Book….

I’ve been working on this for a while now, but wanted it to be well and truly viable before starting to update you on it. My new book will be called ‘The Magical World of the Anglo-Saxons’ (at least that’s the plan so far) and it will deal with the magical traditions of the pre-Christian […]

As mad as a March hare….

Hares are a huge part of British folklore. Not so the rabbit, which they closely resemble – rabbits were only introduced into this country after the Norman Conquest. And hares are such fascinating animals. For a long time, even their gender was a mystery. It was believed that the males gave birth as well as […]

magical horseshoes and toads

I have quite a few horseshoes nailed up around my home. Indoors and outdoors, by the gate, by the back door… I have been collecting them for much of my life. Some are very small, as though they dropped from the foot of a Welsh cob, while we have a couple so huge they could […]

Well I’m vertical… and the magical properties of iron…

I’m vertical at the moment – just about. Thank you all so much for your lovely comments and get well messages, they’re very much appreciated. I am still trying to find ways of using this site as I used to but commenting on friends’ posts is now impossible. I am constantly logged out whenever I […]

Almost finished….

I hope to have my latest book, on psychic self defence, finished this week. I am just going through the final edits, tidying up the Bibliography and references, and sorting out a few bits and pieces. It’s always nerve wracking when you get to the end of such a long project (I have been working […]

A few thoughts from a pagan witch…

Even amongst other pagans there can be a bit of confusion about what we actually believe (or don’t, as the case may be.) Are all pagans wiccans, for instance? (no.) Are all wiccans pagans? (Probably….yes) And what about the Asatru? The reconstructionists? The Druids? Chaos Magicians? And so on…. You get the picture. Paganism is […]

A harvest of incense

I am very fond of making my own incense. Sometimes it smells heavenly, sometimes it smells like s- doesn’t. But I do enjoy collecting plant material to burn on charcoal discs and this is the perfect time of year to make our own little harvest. The important thing is not to collect too much. A […]

Anglo Saxon magic… and christianity

One thing that often puts people off Anglo Saxon magic is that so much of it appears to have been Christianised. But you have to remember that the Anglo Saxons generally were a very crafty lot… very fond of puzzles and tricks… they would write one thing and mean another, a sort of verbal word-play. […]