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2016 The Year Ahead

  I have to admit that I am always a little wary of the new year. I suppose it’s cowardice really, a fear of what is to come. By that strain of thought, I ought to fear mornings (I don’t – I’m very much a ‘morning’ sort of person) or even weekends. Or the start […]

Guest Blogger – Kevin Groves! (Author of a Path Laid Bare)

Happy Ostra! Maybe if I knew what it was about. What about merry Yule? I don’t think its time yet but I could be wrong. When it comes to these festivals, and to be honest there aren’t that many for me to think about, I do wonder if I should be bothered that I don’t […]

Making a podcast

For anyone who missed last night’s radio show, The Magical World of Tylluan Penry, and the interview with David Rankine, it is now available as a podcast at: Putting broadcasts up as a podcast has been a steep learning curve for me. I quickly realised that not everyone can listen to a show at […]