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A spooky tale for Halloween…..

I loved the garden the moment I first saw it. Overgrown, neglected, yet it had been loved once, and could be again. There were brambles as thick as my wrist everywhere, but underneath a few valiant plants struggled to emerge. In the first year we spent time putting the house straight. After all, you live […]

On Green Men, Gargoyles and other treasures – a fascinating site

The Green Man has always played a very important part in my life. My garden has a number of green man sculptures in it, along with other oddities, frogs, owls and dragons lurking in the shadows. For me they are the guardians of my garden,part of the magical world, and most importantly, they encourage the […]

Witchfest Internation – my painting for the raffle

Here it is – the Green Man picture that I donated to the main raffle. I painted him in pastels and as you can see, his eyes in particular seem to have taken on a life of their own!

a busy day….

The mountains where Mr Penry likes to walk (and navigate by dog poo) were covered in snow this morning, while our garden was heavily frosted. Off and on today it has been snowing hard but nothing has stuck, although I’d never been surprised to wake up to a tump of the white stuff tomorrow. Apart […]

Some very old examples of the Green Man

As I mentioned in my previous post, the Green Man and his female counterpart, the Green Maiden (or Green Woman, if you prefer) appear down the centuries in many parts of the world. Here are a few from England, which I thought you might be interested in seeing….. This one is from Worcester Cathedral… a […]

The Green Maiden

The Green man and the Green Maiden The other day I mentioned the Green Maiden. She is a lesser known aspect of the Green Man, the spirit of growth. You will see Green Men and Women in many places, including medieval churches and even the occasional modern advertisement (have you ever wondered about the Jolly […]

change of avatar

As you can see, I have changed my avatar slightly. I am still green, but now not quite so worried looking! This new version is actually going to be on the cover of my book, so I thought you might like to see what it looks like. I painted it a few weeks ago. I […]

Lughnasadh and the first of the pagan harvests

I call it Lughnasadh but really for me this is the first of the pagan harvests. You can’t have a single harvest festival because different fruits and grains ripen at different times. Each harvest is a step in the right direction as the year is changing gear, going downhill towards winter. We shouldn’t be surprised, […]

almost a full moon

It’ll be a full moon soon – actually I once knew someone whose entire personality changed whenever there was a full moon. Scary stuff. Well, provided it stays nice and dry I shall be outside and bowing to it nine times….it doesn’t have to be a full moon either, as far as I’m concerned the […]