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What is a garden?

Poets and writers – let alone gardeners! – have tried for centuries to describe their perfect garden.  It isn’t easy, but at least they’ve tried, and in the process created some wonderful, lyrical work.  Not so some would-be arbiters of taste, whose idea of the perfect garden seems to be gravel, more gravel, astro-turf and […]

a personal day of rest….

Sometimes, when people learn that I’m a Pagan, they assume that I don’t have any sacred holidays or sabbath equivalent. Actually, I’m a great believer in holidays and days of rest. It’s not just a religious thing, although obviously the Big Eight in a Witch’s year are always going to be very important and sacred. […]

Mr Penry goes gardening…..

Mr Penry likes being out in the garden, potching. Perhaps I should explain, ‘potching’ is a Wenglish word that means pottering about, doing nothing in particular, in a sort of happy, contented world of one’s own. Yesterday however, he decided that the day for action had arrived. No more potching. He was going to do […]

Photos from my garden

On the weekend I made the most of the lovely weather and took a few photos. Looking at them now, it’s hard to believe how hot it was then. Now I am sitting here, wrapped up in a cardigan and outside it’s just the usual rain and white skies…. This little flower, the Toadflax grows […]

There are fairies at the bottom of my garden….

Recently I was tagged by Wendlane to post seven weird things about myself and a couple of comments were particularly interested when I said I had seen fairies. So in response to this therefore, I thought I would explain a little more. I was almost fifty when I first saw fairies. I didn’t believe in […]

writer’s block…..

I must say that I rarely get writer’s block. Usually I have the opposite problem, that of finding enough hours in the day to write all the stuff I want. However today, sitting at my desk, freezing cold (I am already wearing four layers) I felt rather sorry for myself. I needed to write an […]

Welcome to my garden…

THe sun shone today and in spite of the cold I ventured out into the garden to snatch a few photos… As you will see, I am rather fond of horseshoes. I collect them and then nail them up all over the place. Horseshoes are an ancient protective symbol, thought to resemble the crescent moon. […]

S*** Apples

I think it was Tennyson who coined the famous phrase: ‘In the spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.’ Well, despite the cold (which made the garden birdwatch uncomfortable to say the least) there is plenty of evidence of spring on the way. Snowdrops, a few narcissi, crocuses (yes, maybe that […]

Some photos from my garden

Well, here are the results from my wanderings around the garden taking photos. This was taken sitting in Mr Penry’s chair, through the kitchen window. I thought it was all right considering I haven’t cleaned the glass in ages! And here’s another: For reasons I don’t entirely understand, I am fascinated with taking pictures of […]

The long hot days of summer…

It looks like being another hot day. The garden isn’t going to cope by itself, I shall have to do some watering I think, especially since I sowed grass seed a few days ago. Then I shall find any excuse possible to sit in the garden for much of the day. I firmly believe that […]