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The Real Meaning of ‘Easter…’

I first blogged this (true) story back in about 2007 I think, but every so often I am overwhelmed with the desire to blog it again.  Because there is really nothing quite like it, I feel.  At least, not in my experience, I’m pleased to say.  For this is a tale that nobody could ever […]

The ‘Easter’ Weekend….

As a pagan, I never mind when someone wishes me a happy Easter or Happy Christmas…. personally I’m rather touched that they have wished me something good. But this year Easter is so late that I am finding it rather unsettling – in just over a week it will be Beltane, so the Easter Eggs […]

Good Friday in Wales

I don’t often repeat my blog posts, But I’m making an exception today because it’s Good Friday. And in Wales, Good Friday translates as Crucifixion Friday. Some years ago, people from a group of churches in the next town down the Valley from here took this rather to heart, and decided bring the ‘real meaning […]

apologies once more

I’ve taken the day off today. The proofs are finished, I completed another chapter of my herb book (the first draft) and Mr Penry took me out for the day. So apologies that I’ve not got around to your blogs today, I shall do my best to catch up tomorrow. I hope you are all […]

ostara – the pagan festival

The Equinox can vary by a couple of days each year, but to me this is all part of the fun. As far as I’m concerned celebrating starts around the 21st March and can continue for a few days…. the more the merrier. But what exactly is Ostara – and how does it differ from […]

Easter eggs and Piggies’ ears

Since chocolate isn’t good for dogs (though Florence enjoys it) we usually get them some pigs’ ears as a treat at this time of year. One problem however is that they pong to high heaven, and since both St Bernards and Bassetts have a highly developed sense of smell, they can find where I’ve hidden […]

The real meaning of Easter…..?

I first blogged this (true) story last September, but really it belongs to Easter, so I am taking the liberty of blogging it again. Apologies to those of you who have read it before, but truly, this is a tale that nobody could ever have invented. Something so surreal that you have to pinch yourself […]

A local Crucifixion

The great thing about writing is that sometimes you come across a story that NO-ONE could ever have invented. Something so surreal that you have to pinch yourself to make sure it’s true. And being Wales, these things happen more often than you’d expect… A few years back a Christian charity decided to bring the […]