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Wool and Divination….

  Okay, I know it’s a bit of a strange title for a blog post, but please bear with me. Long ago I came to the conclusion that it is the small things in our lives that come to teach us the biggest lessons.  Take wool, for instance.  A nice, smooth ball of wool if […]

A new blog post at my new blog

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a new blog post over at my new blog here: Thoughts on Divination and the New Year Ever since setting up the Wolfenhowle Press a few years ago, it’s made sense to take my blog over there as well in order to keep everything […]

Thoughts on Divination and the New Year

  Well, here I am tucked away in my dark little study behind an old fashioned desk so large it might serve me as a coffin one of these days.  And ever since the new year, outside the elements have been raging, only I can’t see much beyond the high hedge that surrounds us, apart […]

Meditations on Yule No. 6

Divination… the truth and nothing but the truth?     Why do we practice divination?  Not just at this time of year, which is fairly well known for it, but at any time?  On the face of it that should be easy to answer, because knowing what lies ahead helps us to prepare for it […]

Meditations on Yule Number 5

Yule is traditionally associated with divination amongst other things.  Seeing what lies ahead.  And when you think of it this isn’t so strange considering that ‘New Year’ is just around the corner.  But stop and think for a moment.  For ‘New Year’ is really a man-made construct and at various times and places the new […]

Throwing peas at the wall

During the course of researching this latest book I have come across some pretty odd things. Oddest of all recently was the old practice of throwing peas at the wall in order to discover when you were likely to get married. Now I, and others of a certain age may well remember counting out prune […]