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I’d forgotten…

Birthdays are a good time to remember, so they say.  I certainly woke up this morning and mentally went backwards through a variety of happy returns, remembering them. Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget, but it only takes a small adjustment to make us remember again, and for me it’s been a bit like […]

Blog award….

This was a lovely surprise – Maytheweed ( thinks my blog is award-worthy! That’s really lovely, thank you so much! In return I have to do two things: 1. Tell you seven things about myself you might not know 2. Pass the award on to give blogs I love. So here goes. Seven things about […]

Back from Hospital

Just a quick update – I am now finished with my hospital treatment and back home for a few days. Hopefully things will settle a bit now but it may take a little while to catch up with everything again. There is so much I want to blog about – and never enough hours in […]

unexpected problems…

I knew this was going to be a tricky week, what with Barney being so ill. What I didn’t know was that I was going to have a few problems too…. yes, my eyesight is scurrying off to hell in a handcart again. So I have to go into hospital for three days this coming […]

Privacy and Pandora’s Box… and blog etiquette

I am often asked by new pagans/wiccans etc., when is the best time to come out of the broom closet? When is the best time to tell friends and family about their new-found spiritual path? They have found something – often after many years of seeking – and are naturally excited about it. They want […]

Dropping by….

Apologies for not being around more often but at the moment I am snowed under with writing. It isn’t just the book, although that’s going well, it’s that I have a lot of articles to do and even preparing my talks for July, August and November. It’s surprising how much work goes into each and […]


I haven’t been around much for over a week – apologies for this. Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day… and sometimes my energy just disappears, for all the world as though someone has pulled a plug and it’s just drained away. Hopefully shall be back this coming week… I thought I would […]

What makes a good blogger?

I was just wondering what you consider makes a good blogger. Is it daily posts? Or always being polite? Maybe you feel a good blogger can argue a point without winding people up! For me, I do value courtesy. Even if we have to agree to disagree, there’s no need to make it personal. I […]