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What is wrong with BCUK…

Over the past year I have blogged less and less, it’s true. Yet look at my blog site and you will see that I’ve always loved blogging. What has changed? This site. You see, you might think that spamming doesn’t really matter. But it does. It is the cyberspace eqauivalent of a particularly aggressive type […]

I wrote a lovely long post….

Some of you may know that I have a lot of problems logging into BCUK lately. I wrote a lovely long post about horseshoes and iron this evening (making sure first thyat I was logged in)…finished the post, pressed save and was promptly logged out! The post was lost. So was my temper. This is […]

Dropping by….

Apologies for not being around more often but at the moment I am snowed under with writing. It isn’t just the book, although that’s going well, it’s that I have a lot of articles to do and even preparing my talks for July, August and November. It’s surprising how much work goes into each and […]

Psychic activity

Our house has been psychically very active, this full moon, so I shall be doing some cleansing and protective work today. I think most homes need a bit of cleansing from time to time, it’s surprising how much negativity and psychic detritus builds up over the months. I suspect maybe this is what BCUK needs […]