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Autumn season of spiders….

Facebook is creaking under the weight of so many oversized randy male spiders running around people’s houses just lately.  Here in Penry Land we had our own monster and heaven knows where he’s got to since I resisted the urge to attack him with a couple of bricks, but instead turned out the light and […]

This time of the year…

A cool damp day today. And days like this I have known for years, so I welcome them back again like old friends. A cool damp day warns me that I should have fixed that window, replaced the lead flashing on the boilerhouse roof. It tells me that soon I won’t be able to sleep […]

Pagan seasons

A real autumn morning today. It reminded me a bit of Ted Hughes’ poem, ‘There came a day’ about the change from summer to autumn. ‘There came this day and he was autumn, His mouth was wide And red as sunset, His tail was an icicle.’ Soon the equinox will be upon us. I’ve noticed […]

Charged by a bull

Well, as I never tire of saying, August is an autumn month. If you doubt me, consider this : There are twelve months in a year, so each of the four seasons has three months. Midsummer’s Day is June 21st and therefore if June is in the middle, the summer months are May, June and […]