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The Legend of the Spiderwight

Yesterday (Sunday) I posted on Facebook that I thought there was a Spiderwight in the outside loo. (Only I wrote Spiderwiht instead – sorry for any confusion… fingers had a mind of their own, methinks.) Anyway, I promised I would write some more about this fascinating creature.   To begin with, our outside loo has […]

An Anglo Saxon Diversion….

Having posted for a few days about Anglo Saxon Charms, I thought you might enjoy hearing what Anglo Saxon actually sounds like… this clip from You Tube is from the introduction to that great Old English poem, Beowulf (yes, really, it comes from England!) complete with images so you can watch and listen.

Anglo Saxon Magic Part 3 – a magical word

You often hear about ‘magical words’ or ‘words of power.’ I’m still not entirely certain how they work, and there may be no single explanation, but most cultures seem to have had them. I came across an Anglo Saxon example some years ago, rather by accident… but more of that in a moment… One thing […]

Flaming June

Well, not quite, perhaps. But we’re almost half way through the year, so I thought we could look at a little folklore attached to this beautiful, shining month. And yes, it does seem to shine with anticipation, even if the weather is rather soggy (nothing new in my part of the world! ;)) June was […]

Sacred Groves….

It seems strange perhaps to us nowadays, that our distant ancestors tended to walk with their gods and hold their rituals out of doors. Even the ancient Greeks and Romans did this – the great temples such as the Acropolis were literally houses for the gods. The worship of the gods by the people, the […]

The Nightmare and the Spider Wight….

I’ve been having a wonderful time with my latest book on Psychic Self Defence. If my eyesight was a bit better I’d be having an even better time, but there you are, you can’t have everything. I’ve almost finished the first draft now, just another three chapters to go, and then it’s back to editing […]