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Making a podcast

For anyone who missed last night’s radio show, The Magical World of Tylluan Penry, and the interview with David Rankine, it is now available as a podcast at:

Putting broadcasts up as a podcast has been a steep learning curve for me. I quickly realised that not everyone can listen to a show at its set time – quite apart from the fact that it goes out quite late, if you happen to be living in a different time zone, it’s certain to cause a few problems. So a podcast seemed ideal.

But when you’re not really very technically minded, just connecting things to the computer seems like a huge challenge (it is.) And then all the different file types etc., and editing the recording, well, you can imagine that it’s been taking up quite a lot of my time.

Still, I reckoned it would be worth it, and I think it is. People give their time to be interviewed, and I feel it’s only right that as many people as possible should be able to hear them. That’s only fair. The radio stations do a few podcasts, but of course space is always going to be limited because audio files are quite big. So the answer was to set up my own site.

And of course doing this means that I can keep earlier shows such as the one with the interview with Sorita d’Este and also with Kevin Groves still current. I think it’s important to try and put as much information out there as possible. !

It’s taken time and sometimes it’s been a bumpy ride. The podcasts aren’t exactly the same as the shows because I’ve had to remove the music due to copyright issues (although I have a few ideas of my own to deal with that – I’m nothing if not creative in my thinking!)

I think I will also do some broadcasts that are intended entirely as podcasts on specific subjects at some point in the future.

Now… what can I try next? You tube?