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Magical Journeying – Part 2

As you begin looking – really looking – at the world around you, you realise that there is a lot going on that might pass you by. Sometimes nature seems to be putting on a show especially for you.

Recognising and learning from these signs isn’t really all that difficult. Part of the problem is that we have forgotten the raw pleasure that being in the open air can bring us. I know that since I’ve had a number of health problems in the last few years, I really have learned to appreciate just getting out into the garden and watching – and listening – to the world around me.

For example, yesterday I spotted two white butterflies flying together, swirling, looping the loop, it was as intricate as any pas de deux in a ballet. I stood and watched, entranced. It may have lasted barely two minutes before they flew off over the roof, but it was quite, quite magical.

And you see, I have the feeling that it was intended for me to see it. Why? I don’t know. But I came away feeling highly privileged and somehow uplifted.

Last night, sitting in the kitchen doing some writing, I heard the owls out in the garden at the back of the house. They were persistent, eerie. Homer shuddered and snuggled deeper into his bed. In Wales it was said that when an owl cried out in the night, a young maiden was losing her innocence.

Be that as it may, there is something quite otherworldly about the sound of an owl. They don’t just hoot, they cry, and shriek – all at a time when the night is otherwise silent. It’s a magical sound.

What does any of this have to do with magical journeying? Well, there’s a very famous text called ‘The Emerald Tablet of Hermes Trismegistus’. You will often hear a quote from it : As above, so below.

Basically what it means is that in magic, or indeed in magical worlds, there is an echo of what is in our real, day to day world. By recognising magic in this world, we make it easier to find and sometimes cross into other magical worlds. Each is a reflection of the other.

And – as I hope to show in my next post – quite often we can begin our magical journeys here, in the everyday world!