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If the world ended tomorrow…

I shall try and keep this post relatively short. The end of the world in all its predicted forms is something of a pet peeve with me, ever since someone informed me that the world was going to end next Friday and she was very annoyed because she’d planned on going out that evening.

I did try pointing out that she wasn’t likely to have much time to be annoyed (or anything else about it) but she wasn’t having it. ‘I was going to get my hair done, specially,’ she whined.

Well, yesterday we had one of our regular visits from The Rat Man. Ratwen cambrensis has yet again taken up residence in our garage and is making himself well and truly at home. The cat will not deal with it (the rats are too big and have a nasty gleam in their eyes, apparently.) Little Aud, our indefatigable Bassett Hound can only do so much by herself. And ignoring the problem simply means that a small colony of half a dozen rats rapidly spirals out of control.

Now The Rat Man is a truly great character. He even thinks like a rat (or so he told me last time.) And he explained, just as he was leaving yesterday, that if the world were to end tomorrow, he was sure that rats would still manage to survive…. ‘Cos rats is like that.’

Then, as he reached the gate he paused and turned…. ‘And politicians,’ he added.