Birthdays are a good time to remember, so they say.  I certainly woke up this morning and mentally went backwards through a variety of happy returns, remembering them.

Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget, but it only takes a small adjustment to make us remember again, and for me it’s been a bit like that with blogging.

Those of you who’ve known me for some years now will probably remember that I used to have a blog ‘The Magical World of Tylluan Penry’ over at the BCUK site.  It was a happy place and I made many cherished friends there, many of whom I am still in touch with today (though not, alas on that site.)  Basically it was spammed to death and back again, and eventually it was more trouble than the worth of it to try and keep it going.  Which was a pity, because there was a great sense of community there, and I did miss it.

Spammers really don’t get it.  If they suffocate a site, as they did on BCUK, then it dies.  People don’t want to sign up (there was a paid, ‘professional’ option that quickly because useless, weighed down as it was beneath the fake viagra and ‘gucci’ handbags etc.)  and then advertisers aren’t interested since nobody – apart from the spammers – is actually using the site.  And so it dies.  And presumably the spammers will just sigh and move on.

We get a huge amount of spam here, on the Wolfenhowle press blog entries too.  The reason you don’t see it is because I moderate everything.  And if in doubt – I delete it anyway. I’m sorry but I don’t expect my readers to have to wade through junk.


Anyway, the old site will close at the end of this year, but never fear since everything has been important here and you can see it along the menu bar at the top of the page under ‘Old Blog.’  About 800 separate entries there.  (Well, my old blog did reach half a million hits!)   I’d forgotten, until I re-read some of my old posts, just what a joy blogging used to be.  *sigh*

Happy days…