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Flaming June

Well, not quite, perhaps. But we’re almost half way through the year, so I thought we could look at a little folklore attached to this beautiful, shining month. And yes, it does seem to shine with anticipation, even if the weather is rather soggy (nothing new in my part of the world! ;))

June was traditionally regarded as a good month to marry. There was a Roman saying ‘Good to the man and happy to the maid.’ I’m not sure whether it’s true, mind you, I’ve known some couples who married in June and thereafter fought like cat and dog! 🙄

After the ‘thrice milking’ of the Anglo Saxon month of May, the AS word for June was Sere-monath meaning dry month. Obviously this must have been the Saxons of East Anglia’s doing; had they made it further west into my part of the world they would have had their optimism severely dampened!

But there is always an element of optimism in June… another Anglo Saxon name for it was Lida-aerra meaning Joy Time, which I think is lovely.

Even if it’s raining, I’m all for us enjoying some Joy time together!