Arty Tardy by Kitty Clairmont

Sometimes it’s great to be able to bring your attention to a superb book.  This one – Arty Tardy by Kitt Clairmont was an absolutely un-put-downable book, beautifully written and cleverly plotted. Although described as a children’s book, it’s great for adults too, especially for anyone who has ever known anyone with Special Needs, or, as Kitty describes it, someone with an exceptional outlook on life.

Apart from telling the story with exceptional insight and humour, Kitty does something else, she opens the door into another world. A world we often miss because the people most affected by it – the children in question – don’t have the tools to explain it to us. But Kitty does it brilliantly.

So next time you see a child ‘misbehaving’ in the supermarket or playground, remember that this might be another David, a child like that in the story. And the beginning, ‘I am ten years old and I am never going to grow up,’ is just heart-wrenching, one of the most powerful openings I’ve ever read.

What the book shows – and explains so beautifully – is that children like David are not being ‘naughty’ – the world just appears to them in a different way.  It’s a book I feel everyone needs to read. I certainly feel all the richer for having done so.

Visit Kitty’s website and you can listen to Kitty reading the first two chapters of her story here: